Understanding How to Uplight Trees Outside

Understanding How to Uplight Trees Outside

Your yard can look creepy once darkness sets in. Tree uplighting is an effective way to transform your yard’s spooky atmosphere into an ambiance. Trees are impressive and imposing in darkness. When well-lit, they can add depth to your landscape.

It’s not about how you light your trees to create a beautiful landscape in the dark. There are many ways to lighten your trees. You can also use specific lighting fixtures for this type. Knowing both the method and the means will help you decide where to begin your outdoor lighting project. Here are the essential facts.

101 Tree lighting

Uplighting trees are more complicated than you may realize. The distance from the tree’s base, the brightness of your light, and the angle of your lighting all have an impact on how the tree looks in the dark. Although it takes some trial and error, the process is easy once you have a good understanding of all the variables. These are some things to remember when lighting a tree:

  • To capture the beauty of the branches, leaves, and blooms above the tree, place the fixture at its base.
  • It is important that the fixture is not prominent and that it is only an accent to the tree’s beauty. It can distract from the tree’s beauty if it is prominent.
  • A soft, subtle glow is more appealing than a harsh, unnatural light that can be annoying.
  • The light should be directed towards the tree’s branches, not across the lawn. This creates a dramatic effect that complements the yard as well as the tree.

These tips should be useful, so don’t be afraid of trying new things! You can adjust the location of outdoor lighting fixtures, change the intensity, or alter the warmth/coldness of the light. Even small changes can make a big difference. To learn more about landscape lights read our Landscape and Outdoor Lighting FAQ page

Finding the right lighting fixtures for trees and shrubs

There are many outdoor tree lights to choose from, but not all outdoor lights will work. When creating a soft glow, it is important to avoid picking too bright or bulky lights. This applies to all types and levels of foliage, including shrubs, trees, and ground-level plants such as flowers.

No matter what outdoor lighting fixtures you use or the features that you are trying to illuminate, it is important to pay attention and understand the specifications. To properly power your lights at night, make sure you have the correct-sized transformer

Consider up/downlighting packages

We make it easy to bring strategic uplighting and downlighting solutions to your property–particularly for your trees and shrubs. Our packages include everything you need to identify tree and shrub features while providing the right amount of illumination.

  • The Uplighter: This package can add light to an existing home or highlight large trees in an area. These packages come with either 6, 10, or 12 lights. This makes it easy to provide beautiful solar lighting throughout your property.
  • The Downlighter: This package includes everything you need for beautiful downlighting illumination. It also includes accessories to mount on trees specifically for your greenery. The lighting fasteners can be adjusted to allow for constant downlighting.

Commercial landscape lighting is not a one-size fits all solution, especially when it comes to trees. These packages as well as the other standalone lighting options described above allow homeowners to create the perfect tree and shrub lighting environment. These packages allow you to customize your lighting, creating a glowing effect that makes your greenery glow.

Residential lighting beyond the trees

Trees are one of many landscape features that should be illuminated, as we have already mentioned. Residents can also reap the benefits of this uplighting for their shrubs, bushes, and other greenery. Landscape lighting can add depth, dimension, and personalization to your landscape if done correctly.

Imagine yourself sitting outside, relaxing as gentle uplighting shines through trees to bring a glow and warmth to your patio. Or the light from the bushes shining on your walking path. Your landscape will look naturally tranquil with a few strategically placed lights. You’ll not only make your landscape look more serene, but you will also be able to shed light in a practical manner.

Solar uplighting for trees and general lighting for greenery can do more than just set the mood. They are a deterrent to trespassing and keep you safe from any accidents. You can transform your property with a few strategically placed lights for the perimeter bushes, featured trees, and ground-level plants (with wall wash) into a refuge of safety and comfort when it gets dark.

Practicality is the key to industrial lighting

Commercial properties have different rules regarding tree lighting and landscape lighting. It’s not about creating a soft ambiance but attracting attention with practicality. Although tact is essential, it is more important that people get your message.

A retaining wall could be branded with company information or placed next to a tree clump. People might look at the landscape without proper lighting. You can make people stop and look at the retaining walls by lighting them or illuminating the trees. The same goes for perimeter bushes or access drives. Gentle uplighting helps people see the way.

You should also consider the size and depth of your property. Residential properties tend to be larger than commercial ones. A wall-washing facility and adding depth to landscaping features can help people see the enormity of a property. Proper outdoor lighting has many benefits, including increased security, brand awareness, and improved appeal.

Ideas on lighting your staircase outside

Begin with trees and then increase your uplighting

Outdoor tree uplights are a great way to make a lasting impression on any property. As soon as the sun sets, they make an immediate impact. Don’t stop there. There are many practical uses for uplighting on your property, from bushes and shrubs to retaining walls and statues. A landscape that feels complete and looks great with the proper lighting.

Our experts will answer all of your questions about landscape lighting. We can not only recommend the best lighting, but we also give tips on how to properly install fixtures and uplights so that you get the results that you want.

We recommend TouchStone for our flood lighting products. They include everything from narrow flood lights to large flood lights. Here are seven of our most versatile products for uplighting:

  1. Mini Flood Series lights work well for ornamental trees or sculptures. These small fixtures are easy to install and have a minimalist design. However, powerful LED lamps with interchangeable 30-degree spot lenses or 60-degree flood lenses provide variable illumination.
  2. Flood Series lights for small shrubbery and bushes are ideal. To customize and maximize lighting effects, use LEDs with narrow beam widths or flood patterns, as well as 3-, 5-, and 7-watt bulbs.
  3. iFlood Series lights can be used for signage and trees of medium to large size. A 10-watt integrated color change bulb and a 40-degree beam provide broad options for lighting features that are tall and wide.
  4. Brass Flood Series lights are great for wall washing and large trees. The light has a durable brass patina. It can be used with interchangeable LEDs and halogen bulbs to achieve maximum effect.
  5. ParFlood Series lights can illuminate large trees and tree clusters. It offers strategic lighting at a premium price, with a dimming range of 10-100%. Its compact design blends seamlessly with the landscape.
  6. Wide Flood Series lights are ideal for signage accents and wall washing. The 120-degree beam spread and the choice of 3-, 5-, or 7-watt bulbs provide gentle lighting for flat surfaces.
  7. Max Flood Series lights are designed to highlight the most important landscape features such as signage. Large coverages are possible with powerful 10- and 17-watt options.

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