Channel Letter Signs

What are Channel Letter Signs?

Channel letter signs are attractive and eye--catching. As seen here in this State Farm sign.

When you are considering a new sign, it is important to understand all the different types available to you and their advantages. In this case, channel letter signs are a bold, and easily seen and recognized type of sign. They consist of three-dimensional letters and each letter is separate and individually lit. You can easily incorporate your branding into this style of sign, that can consist of letters, numbers, and characters. 

Because each part of the sign stands on its own, channel letter signs are versatile, allowing you a level of freedom in the design process. It is the combination of the elements of the sign, when brought together provide viewers the full presentation. Each individual letter, number or character allows you a level of design freedom that is unique to this type of sign.

S&S is Your Sign Services Solution

At S&S Signs Lighting & Electrical, we can help you through the entire process of choosing your new sign. We provide:

We can help you design your sign, then fabricate and install it for you, or if you have a pre-made sign, we can install it as well.  Once that process is complete, count on S&S to help you maintain and repair your sign as needed, so it stays in perfect working order so it is always eye-catching and attractive for years to come. Contact our professional team here at S&S, it would be our pleasure to work with your business! 

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