Cabinet Signs

What are Cabinet Signs?

The S&S Sign is an example of what cabinet signs look like.

As you navigate the options for a new business sign, it helps to understand the options that are available to you and what will work best for your business. In this case, cabinet signs are a way to brightly show passers by your business name and logo, in a way that is eye-catching and memorable. Also known as backlit, wall, or box signs, these are well lit, and easy to read representations of your business. 

Most often you will find a cabinet sign on a storefront wall. They can also be freestanding or made into a pole sign. This type of sign is known for being durable, while also being lit up very well so that they are very easy to read. Built with a luminous panel in the front (or on both sides if free-standing,) they are lit from within creating a vivid glow to illuminate your brand and message. 

S&S is Your Sign Services Solution

At S&S Signs Lighting & Electrical, we can help you through the entire process of choosing your new sign. We provide:

We can help you design your sign, then fabricate and install it for you, or if you have a pre-made sign, we can install it as well.  Once that process is complete, count on S&S to help you maintain and repair your sign as needed, so it stays in perfect working order so it is always eye-catching and attractive for years to come. Contact our professional team here at S&S, it would be our pleasure to work with your business! 

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