EV Charging Station Installation

With EV’s on the Rise, You Need Quality Charging Station Installation

The statistics are in, and the buzz is all around us. By 2030 many cars on the road will be electric vehicles (EV’s). Many vehicle manufacturers already have several models available that are on the road today. The benefits are attractive, most importantly to many, EV’s eliminate the need to stop for a fill up at the gas station. However just as any other item that runs on a battery, your EV will not work unless you are able to power up and charge the battery. That is where S&S Signs Lighting and Electrical comes in. For EV’s owners and lovers in Peoria and the surrounding area, we provide EV charging station installation services.

Why You Need a Charging Station

Simply put, the last thing you want to do is rely on a public charging station. Although they are becoming more and more available, it is still not desirable to ditch the gas station only to have to wait for a charge at a public charging station that may take awhile. Installing a station at home will give you the freedom that comes with an EV, allowing you to charge at your convenience. Now you have access to EV charging station installation services from S&S. No more gas stations, and no waiting either.

If You are Ready for an EV, Contact S&S!

If you are about to take the plunge into electric so that you can enjoy the benefits, then contact S&S! It would be a pleasure to help you get your EV charging station set up, and ready to charge your new EV. We know that electric vehicles are the way of the future, and the future starts now. To learn more, do not hesitate to contact a member of our helpful staff that can help answer your questions. Let’s get charging!

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