Pole Signs

What are Pole Signs?

Pole signs are great for getting your business noticed both far and near!

As you go through the decision making process of choosing a business sign it is important to familiarize yourself with different sign types. In this case, pole signs are known for standing out and being seen, even from a distance away! If your business is on a main street and needs to stand out, or if you are on a highway that being seen from a distance is important, a pole sign may be right for you. 

Pole signs (or Pylon signs) are most often seen on a major thoroughfares and highways. They are built using a strong and tall central support pole with the sign mounted on top. The are easy to see, and stand out amongst other smaller, and less visible signs. Pole signs can be lighted signs as well, allowing them to be visible both day and night. 

S&S is Your Sign Services Solution

At S&S Signs Lighting & Electrical, we can help you through the entire process of choosing your new sign. We provide:

We can help you design your sign, then fabricate and install it for you, or if you have a pre-made sign, we can install it as well.  Once that process is complete, count on S&S to help you maintain and repair your sign as needed, so it stays in perfect working order so it is always eye-catching and attractive for years to come. Contact our professional team here at S&S, it would be our pleasure to work with your business! 

If you would like to learn more about the S&S Team, and our services, visit our Facebook page, or subscribe to our YouTube channel! 

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