Electronic Message Boards

Dynamic and Bold, EMBs Present Your Important Business Messages

One sign type that we design and install at S&S Signs Lighting & Electrical are Electronic Message Boards, or EMB. Built to work with your businesses changing messages that you need to convey in mind, an EMB is both dynamic and bold. There are several benefits of using EMBs for your business:


Electronic message boards are a dynamic type of sign. This means that you are able to easily present different messages and change it when needed. If your business has seasonal events, sales, special promotions, and more you can bring that new message to consumers quickly without spending additional expense.

Long-Term Savings

Installing and EMB for your business should be considered and investment. With this up-front investment you can expect savings in the long-term. You will not incur additional expenses as time goes forward due to the flexibility of this type of sign.

Bright and Colorful

Bring your message to life with bright and colorful eye-catching messages. When consumers pass your business they will definitely notice your sign, and will not miss the information you are trying to convey. All eyes are drawn to EMBs, making them a very effective sign type.

Utilize Various Elements: Text, Graphics, & Animation

Unlike signs that do not offer a digital display, EMBs can combine different elements to bring you a truly stunning display. Elements of text (you can promote social media!) graphics, and animation to draw the eye will make your sign memorable above others.

Convert Your Sign Views Into Sales

When your sign is more memorable, and provides more information, you can expect your sales to be positively impacted. With an EMB being an investment in your business, your can expect views to create more sales!

Ready For Your New Electronic Message Board?

If you are ready to reap the benefits of a new electronic message board for your business, contact the professionals at S&S Signs Lighting & Electrical to get started. We have a passion for bring you the right sign for your business. We can help you with the design process, installation, and maintenance of your EMB. Contact us today!

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