S&S Signs Lighting & Electrical is a trusted source for your lighting needs in Peoria, IL, and the Central, IL area. We provide lighting services with an emphasis on energy efficiency, with the goal in mind to help save you money and have a more efficient home or business. We offer several lighting services:

Our Lighting Services

Lighting Maintenance

For your business sign, or for your business itself, we provide lighting maintenance services. We can help keep you brightly lit to ensure a smooth-running facility and sign. For your sign, we can also provide emergency sign repair in case of storms, vandalism, or other damage.

Security or Landscape Lighting

Keep your home or business both safe and beautiful with landscape and security lighting services from S&S Signs Lighting & Electrical. Properly placed outdoor lighting can be both functional and attractive. Give yourself peace of mind, and show off your yard and landscaping at the same time.

Pool Lighting

Take your swimming experience from day to night by adding pool lighting to your pool. Not only is pool lighting a way to enhance the look of your swimming pool, but it adds a layer of safety as well. Prevent trip and fall hazards and add security at the same time. The entire family will love being able to enjoy the pool long after it is beautifully lit.

Want to Know More About Our Lighting Services?

Would you like to get to know the team at S&S Signs Lighting & Electrical? Find out more about our services, see the team in action on projects, and so much more by visiting our Facebook page. You can also see helpful videos about our services by visiting our YouTube channel or our Video Gallery!

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