Step and Stairway Lighting Ideas for 2023

Outdoor lighting is fun. Light your favorite trees, patios, and water features. But don’t forget about your outdoor steps and stairs. Your plan might fail. The right lighting for a step can not only improve safety but also adds an accent to your home’s appearance. What is the most important thing about lighting stairs and steps?

Stair lights can be more than a safety feature for your home. You can instantly elevate your home by choosing the right fixtures to eliminate shadows and highlight each step of your stairwell.

What is the best lighting to use for a staircase?

Ambient and accent lighting are essential to transform a dimly lit staircase into a welcoming walkway. You’ll find everything you need to make your staircase shine, including pendant lighting and chandeliers as well as low-wall recessed lights or galaxy projectors.

Different types of staircase lighting

You can use three types of lighting in your staircase or anywhere else in your home: task, accent, and ambient lighting.

  • Ambient lighting is also known as general lighting. It provides the main source of light for indoor areas. Ambient lighting sources include track lighting, ceiling lights, overhead fixtures, and recessed lights.
  • Accent lighting is also necessary for your staircase. This is lighting that highlights a specific area or item, such as your wall art or family photos. Accent lighting can be used to highlight staircase features with wall sconces or track lighting.
  • Task lighting, which is less useful for staircases, is the third type of lighting. This provides bright, close lighting for reading, writing, and desk-based work. Your staircase can be more than a passing way. It can become a focal point of your space with just accent and ambient lighting.

These are our top picks for lighting outdoor steps.

LED Strip Lights

LED lights are the current hottest lighting product. These lights are perfect for lighting up your deck steps.

These flexible strips with embedded LED lights are available in rolls with adhesive backing and are ideal for use on decking or stairs. They are usually hidden under your stairs or deck so that you can see the light but not the source.

Post Rail Lighting

Rail and post-lighting fixtures can be placed on the railing or post of the stairs. These fixtures effectively lighten the ground beneath them or the steps below them. Because the installation process can be quite complicated, you need to plan carefully to avoid any potential errors. Ask a professional lighting designer about this.

Path Lighting

Path lighting is used for lighting pathways. It can be used in alternating patterns or along one side to provide enough light to see the path. It can lighten the pathway and also illuminate any steps.

Tread and Recessed Lighting

The vertical face of the steps can be fitted with recessed or tread lighting. These lights shine down on the steps. The fixture is barely visible and creates a soft light. It is necessary to cut a hole for each fixture. If it is done incorrectly, it will need re-done.

Do you need a professional lighting designer?

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