Your Commercial Outdoor Sign: To Light or Not To Light?

The sign you choose to advertise your business can be the key to your growth. It captures the attention of potential customers on a daily basis. It is the first impression they get when they come to your location, and it establishes brand recognition as they continue to pass by your business regularly. So here is the big question: what kind of commercial outdoor sign should your business have? It is up to you to decide whether to use lighted or non-lighted signs, but we are here to help! 

Lighted Signs

An example of a commercial outdoor sign, the Jolliff lighted neon sign

Lighted signs are any form of signage that comes with an internal light source. They come in several styles, such as channel letter signs, electronic message boards, backlit signs, and neon signs. These are particularly appealing because they are visible throughout the day, including at night and in inclement weather. A lighted commercial outdoor sign is the perfect way to reach your audience at all times. Other benefits of lighted signs include: 

  • Flexibility in design
  • Increase professionalism
  • Enhance your brand
  • Eye-catching brightness to stand out among the competition
  • One of the most affordable forms of advertising, as compared with radio, TV, newspaper, etc.
  • Low maintenance

Non-Lighted Signs

non-lighted boutique sign

Non-lighted signs may work for businesses that only run during the day. It can be a budget-friendly option since they do not need electricity to stay lit throughout the day. However, although non-lighted signs may lack an internal light source, they can still be lit externally to brighten them up. Using a spotlight, for example, is a great way to illuminate a non-lighted sign. This gives the business flexibility on whether or not they want their sign lit. Other benefits of using a non-lighted sign include: 

  • Flexibility in design
  • Can be easily moved since it is not connected to electricity
  • Low maintenance
  • Good option for areas that do not allow lighted signs

To Light or Not To Light?

So how do you choose which type of sign is best? That all depends what is most important to you in a commercial outdoor sign. Are you looking for a more cost-efficient option? Are you looking to extend your reach by being visible all hours of the day? 

No matter what type you choose for your business, a well-crafted sign will always attract new customers. Let S&S Signs, Lighting, and Electrical help with the process from start to finish. We cater to anyone from retail stores to restaurants to office buildings. Contact us for a free estimate for a quality sign that is built to last! See some of our latest projects by visiting our Facebook page.

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