What Does an Electrician Do?

What Does an Electrician Do

Why electricians are needed

It is difficult to imagine our lives without electricity. Not that long ago, people relied on candles for light bulbs. They also lived without electrical outlets. Everything stops when there is no power at work or home. We can use the internet, view television, and microwave meals thanks to electricity. Everyday life would be very different without electricity. It may surprise you to realize how much of your daily life revolves around electricity. While it is possible to adapt to power outages and survive without the grid for several hours or even days, it can be difficult. Skilled electricians are there to restore power and get the world back on track.

Electricians are not just superheroes of electricity. They are also able to work on other projects, such as wiring equipment and fixtures, inspecting for safety, wiring up lighting, and troubleshooting electrical issues.

How to become an electrician

Several essential qualities are required to become a successful and skilled electrician. Color vision is the most important. The color of the insulation is what identifies the wiring. There are also special markings (usually lines), that can be printed on the insulation. These also have specific colors. A wiring schematic can be used to identify which wires are connected to what device or power source. Troubleshooting electrical problems is another important trait. This requires critical thinking and exceptional communication skills. The most successful electricians also possess physical stamina, strength, and a high level of intelligence.

These are the most common tasks that electricians do

  • Read wiring and technical diagrams, as well as blueprints.
  • Install lighting control systems.
  • Check electrical systems.
  • Repair and troubleshoot electrical problems.
  • Follow the state and local regulations that are based on national electrical codes.
  • In all areas of the industry, train and manage other electricians.

Electrician job growth

For the next decade, electricians can expect to see excellent job growth. 715,400 electricians were working in the industry across the country as of 2018. This number is expected to rise by 10% by 2026. This adds 74,000 jobs for electricians.

Although electricians will experience an increase in demand in the coming years, they can still rely on a higher demand during peak construction and maintenance periods. Contractors will need more electricians as new buildings are built or renovated.

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