Ten Great Ways to Lighten Your Swimming Pool This Summer!

You can have a luxurious resort in your backyard if you own a swimming pool. How can you make it even more luxurious? You can make your pool area magical at night by lighting it.

A lighting plan is another goal. You can still enjoy the beauty of your pool even if you don’t want to go for a swim. Safety is also a major concern. Although pools are great for nightlife, you don’t want to accidentally get in the water. Let’s get rid of the “trip-and-splash.”

How can we accomplish all this? Let’s take an in-depth look.

Pool Lighting Idea #1: Pool Deck Lighting

There’s likely to be a lot going on around your pool. Instead of using above-ground directional lighting, in-ground lights are a better way to illuminate the path. There are no worries about the lights being thrown around, damaged, or tripped by active guests.

Your pool decking looks concrete. How do we put lights in it? Because we’re experts. We can drill concrete cores 5 inches deep from that decking, to install fixtures around surrounding trees.

Although it’s not an easy job, our lighting specialists are skilled technicians and artists. We have the right tools for the job.

Pool Lighting Idea #2: Moonlighting

A pool deck can be lit from the top by using lights that are mounted on roof gables or in trees. This creates the illusion of moonlight. Who doesn’t like a moonlight swim?

To mimic the natural moonlight, lights are installed in the branches of mature trees that surround your pool. This creates interesting shadows that reflect off the leaves and branches onto your pool area.

No trees? No problem. Mounting lights high on the gables or soffits of your home can achieve a similar effect.

Pool Lighting Idea #3: High-End Tiki Torches

You love the look of tiki torch but not the low quality at the discount stores?

Professional grade tiki lights offer not only a festive flame but also wired-in lighting. Professional-grade tiki lights are made of high-quality copper and brass and hard-wired to your landscape.

For a torch flame effect, fill them with oil. Or switch on the lights to light up from a bulb. They are available in a variety of heights, ranging from 3-8 feet high. A Hawaiian shirt is optional!

Pool Lighting Idea #4: Highlighting Trees And Plants

Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah is a master at this. Landscape lighting at night is the best way to give your pool a resort-like feel. Are you worried that your start-up environment is too small? We are skilled at softening the 3-foot Japanese maple’s beauty with either a 150 or 200-lumen bulb. We can change the lightbulb without having to replace the fixture as the tree grows. As your landscape changes, we adjust the lighting.

If you have mature trees surrounding your pool, it might be necessary to use two or three fixtures to artistically illuminate the maple. One with a narrow beam to penetrate the branches high and one with a wider beam to softly accent the leaves and branches.

We use 30 types of light bulbs to highlight the landscaping around your pool. With 2- to 4-watt LED lights embedded in the bark mulch, flower beds around your pool will look amazing at night. To gain some height, we will use bullet lights with directional lighting if there are tall perennials in the beds. The light will be visible, not the fixtures.

Pool Lighting Idea #5: Water Features

A pool with a water feature like a waterfall deserves its own lighting strategy. A waterfall might be lit from beneath so that the light dances off of the water. A wash light, either from the pool’s edge or from a nearby tree, creates soft floods of light. By aiming the light at the point where the water touches the pool’s surface, you can capture the bubbles and highlight the movement.

Pool Lighting Idea #6: Lighting Structures

Do not ignore the structures around your pool. They become part of the resort atmosphere when they are lit. Are you able to have a pergola over your pool? This is probably the best place to cool off after a long day of swimming in the pool.

Pergolas can be lit at night to create a magical atmosphere. Think of subtle recessed lighting that lights up your table when you are hosting barbecues or dining. All wiring and fixtures can be hidden so that you only see the soft light. The structure’s architecture is highlighted by uplights that are attached to the posts of the pergola or embedded in the flooring. For a party atmosphere, you can add trendy bistro lighting with strings of lights above for a lively and festive feel.

Is there an outdoor cooking area near your pool? You have many lighting options, such as grill lighting, bistro lighting, and lighting for countertops. We can match existing lighting to your pool area structures, such as a cabana or sconces.

Pool Lighting Idea #7: Undercap Lights

We live by one of our lighting rules: You want to see the effects of the light, not the source. This is exemplified by undercap lights. These discreet fixtures can be concealed and cast light downward.

Is there a sitting wall in your pool? Are there benches and a fire pit? To highlight the wall’s texture, undercap lighting will wash it down. Hidden beneath your fire pit benches, undercap lighting provides safe illumination that is not glaring.

Pool Lighting Idea #8: Stair Tread Lights

Many pools have steps leading to patios or decks. Make sure to keep them lit for safety.

An excellent solution is to put lighting in the vertical portion of a staircase, known as the riser.

Tread lights are designed to fit into stairs and shine down on the steps below. The light is bright enough to provide safety but not distracting.

The fixture is hidden in the step so it is barely visible at night. Even at night, the fixture is barely noticeable, but the steps and soft light.

Pool Lighting Idea #9 – Don’t Forget the Dimmers

You can control all of your pool lightings with your smart device. You can dim the lights to create the perfect atmosphere at your poolside, from pergola bistro lighting to low-level downlighting.

You won’t feel like you are dining in the spotlight. Dimming the lights allows you to use your pool lighting to complement candles and outdoor fireplaces.

Pool Lighting Idea #10 – The Ease of LEDs

You want to enjoy your beautiful swimming pool and not worry about lighting. This means LED lighting that is long-lasting and easy to maintain. S&S Lighting & Electrical suggests that halogen bulbs be replaced once a year. We replace LEDs only when they stop working with LEDs. This won’t happen for more than 50,000 hours.

You won’t need to replace the bulb in your pool’s halogen lighting system if you install an LED system or replace it with one already in place. Relax, and sip another glass of lemonade.

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