S&S Now Offering EV Charging Station Installation

S&S Signs Lighting and Electrical is proud to announce our new service, EV Charging Station Installation. We have been providing electrical services to residences all over Peoria and the surrounding area for years, and now is the time to look to the future and expand that service. If you currently own or are on the verge of purchasing an EV, S&S is ready to help set up your charging station.

What is an EV? 

An EV, or Electric Vehicle, is a vehicle that runs on electricity rather than gas. Many say that EVs are the future of the automotive industry, with several major brands predicting a significant growth over the next couple decades. According to BBC News, General Motors says that by 2035, they will only make EVs, Ford says all vehicle sales will be electric by 2030 and VW says 70% of its sales will be electric by 2030.

With your own EV charging station, you will never have to worry about being fully charged!

There are several advantages to owning an electric vehicle, including the following:

  • You’ll never have to pay for gas again. EVs run entirely on electricity, so you will never have to worry about gas prices continuously going up.
  • You can get incentives. There are some great federal, state, and local incentives out there that will let you get money back from the government for buying an EV.
  • EVs are convenient. If you charge at home, worrying about running to a gas station or charging station before you hit the road will be a thing of the past!
  • Help keep the environment clean. EVs produce no tailpipe emissions, so they can help reduce smog pollution and cut greenhouse gases to keep the air cleaner.

S&S is Your EV Charging Expert

With the automotive industry moving in an electric direction, it makes sense to start thinking about getting an electric vehicle. When you do, S&S will be here to install your EV charging station to make going green that much easier. Contact us today for more information.

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