Signage: What’s its purpose?

Signage is an integral part of our daily lives. You’ll see road signs along the streets indicating the speed limit or directions to the nearest towns. You’ll find safety and health signs everywhere you go in the workplace. You’ll find plenty of shop signage, including information about opening hours and discounts. Even McDonald’s golden arches can be considered signage.

Signage: What does it mean?

What is signage, then? Signage can be defined as any type of graphic display that conveys information to an audience.

What’s the purpose of signage?

Signage serves a few main purposes. They are usually used to identify, promote, provide information, and give directions. Let’s expand!

1) Advertising and Marketing

Signs are used by businesses and organizations for marketing and advertising. Although advertising hoardings might seem like the best solution for companies, there is a wide range of signs that can be used to accomplish this. Building wraps and other outdoor signage options are a more effective way to promote a brand. Large-format printing has advanced to the point that large, vivid outdoor prints are now possible almost anywhere.


2) Attract Customers

Similar signs and shop signs can also be used to attract customers. Window displays are a great way to attract customers from outside. Signs for businesses let people know that they are in the right place. Business signage is a great way to let people know you are there.

3) Recognition

Signs are designed to identify or recognize a brand or place. Signs help us identify the right restroom. As part of their brand identity strategy, Starbucks and Coca-Cola have instantly recognizable signs on high streets. Franchises and chains will have similar shopfronts in order to increase brand recognition at their various locations.

4) Directional signs and wayfinding signs

For large locations, such as shopping malls or hospitals, directional signs are essential. These signs make it easier for customers and visitors to find their way. This helps avoid any negative consequences for the business. For large-scale outdoor events, such as festivals and places with multiple entrances or buildings, directional signage is also useful.

5) Safety and Health Signs

Safety and health signs are one way to communicate safety and health information. These signs can be found at schools, offices, nurseries, and workplaces. Safety signs provide warnings and information about dangers or hazards that are vital.

6) Appearance

Signage does not always serve an overt purpose. Sometimes, a sign can be used to improve the appearance of a space or its surroundings. Signage can be created using wall murals but without advertising objectives.

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