Sign Repair Company Springfield IL

Sign Repair Company Springfield IL

A Sign Repair Company Springfield IL Knows and Trusts

Sign repair: this is one of our specialties here at S&S Lighting. We are your #1 source in Springfield any time you need a repair on your business signs. We handle signs of all kinds, so trust us to design a beautiful, durable sign, or to repair your existing one. S&S Lighting is a specialist in repairing, fabricating and installing signs for commercial businesses ranging from retail stores to restaurants. Our other main service is design. Are you a local and franchised business that has a sign in need of fixing? Rely on our skilled team to provide fast, detailed service that will improve the reputation of your business. Don’t lose production time. Hire us and you’ll be back in business in no time. We are a sign repair company Springfield IL knows and trusts.

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Sign Repair Services in Springfield

As a highly-respected business in Springfield, you deserve a sign that accurately and beautifully reflects your logo and brand. That’s why you should lean on us to give you a long-lasting sign with high-quality lettering and readability. When your company sign breaks, stops working or experiences hail damage, you need someone you can trust to get it fixed quickly and efficiently.

Did you know that neglecting a broken sign is the worst thing you can do? Not only are you placing your customers in danger, you’re showing them you don’t care about the façade of your business. They will equate that to lack of professionalism. Plus, signs offer basic information about where you are and what you do. Our skilled technicians will work quickly to get your sign repaired, usually in under a week. Call us in the event of an emergency too, such as vandalism or winds that have caused extensive damage to your sign.

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If you are in need of a trusted sign repair company, get in touch with S&S Lighting in Springfield at 217-718-2513 or email us at for more information. Keep in mind, we also offer emergency repair service available 24/7 and we also operate in Pekin IL.

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