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Don’t Let Your Sign Be Caught in the Dark this Halloween

We have a scary thought for you: You have lights out on your business sign and don’t realize it! Now that is spooky! This Halloween, do not be caught with a dark sign. At S&S Signs Lighting & Electrical, we provide both sign repair and sign maintenance services! Now that the days are getting shorter, your lit sign will become even more important to you. So trust in our professional technicians to help keep your sign functional, and brightly lit to light the way for your customers.

Now’s the Time to Check Your Sign

The sunny days of summer are over for now, and we will experience more and more dark days, dreary days, and longer nights. So take advantage of dreary or rainy days, as most likely your business sign lights will turn on as they do at night. Take the time to step out of your business and check your sign to make sure everything is working as it should. If you see light outages, then you know it is time to give us a call to check things out. Don’t let your sign be caught in the dark!

Fast, Efficient Repairs

When you make a call to the S&S team, you can know with confidence that your sign will be repaired and your lights will be functional in short order. Most repairs are simple, and most can be completed in less than a week. We offer emergency sign repairs 24/7 on the chance that your business sign is damaged by either storm activity or vandals. Our trained and licensed team stands behind each sign we repair with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. To get in touch with us and schedule repairs, click the button below:

Please let us know how we can help your business! We are committed to the businesses in our community, Peoria, Bloomington, and the surrounding areas. We are here for you. Call today!

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