Sign Durability

How long will my signs and labels last?

Whenever you would like to post safety information, you would like that information to be useful over an extended period of your time. you create an investment within the signs that you simply use and need the simplest return for your investment possible.

How long will my signs last outside?

Our signs, including safety, traffic, and parking signs, are generally made up of two outdoor-durable materials: aluminum or plastic. For plastic signs, we use treated, chip, and crack-resistant plastic that gives outdoor durability and a reduced cost. These plastic signs generally last for 3 to five years outside, through temperatures starting from -40°F to 180°F. The printed image on these signs resists fading and mild chemicals.

Different materials of signs

There are four sorts of aluminum signs that we offer: coated aluminum, engineering-grade reflective aluminum, high-intensity prismatic reflective aluminum, and diamond-grade reflective aluminum.

Basic aluminum

A basic aluminum sign is printed on coated aluminum. this feature won’t chip, crack, or rust, and resists fading and mild chemicals. The outdoor durability of a coated aluminum sign is approximately 5 to 7 years.

Engineering-grade reflective aluminum signage

Engineering-grade reflective aluminum signs provide added resistance to weathering over coated aluminum, including durability of up to7 years and retro-reflectivity in the dark.

High-intensity diamond-grade reflective aluminum signs

High-intensity prismatic reflective aluminum and diamond-grade reflective aluminum offer even better durability and reflectivity. These materials are typically used for official traffic signs.

Both high-intensity prismatic reflective aluminum and diamond-grade reflective aluminum won’t chip, crack, or rust, and resist mild chemicals and fading. High-intensity prismatic reflective aluminum is rated to last for 7 to 10 years outside, and diamond-grade reflective aluminum is rated to last for over 10 years.

How long will my labels last outside?

Many of our labels are perfect for application to the surface of a door, window, or pipe for years of use. Many of our labels are made using an adhesive-backed vinyl material. Vinyl labels are best fitted for indoor application but do offer 3 to 4 years of outside durability and can resist fading and mild chemicals.

These labels offer superior resistance to high temperatures, chemicals, and abrasion. they’re excellent to be used on machinery and may be applied to acrylic, coated metals, glass, plastic, and steel.

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