Saving Money on Energy Costs

Why An Energy Audit Is Right For Your Business

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In business as in life, one thing we can all count on is that the bills always show up. The energy bill is no exception. When you get your energy bill, does it far exceed what you think it should be? If it does, it is time to consider what your business can do to improve your energy efficiency. What can you do to begin saving money on energy costs? S&S Signs, Lighting, and Electrical can help your business achieve energy efficiency. One of the services that we provide is a comprehensive energy audit that will provide the information you need to lower your energy costs.

Why is Your Energy Bill High?

One of the reasons that your energy costs are high maybe your lighting choices. Many businesses are still using incandescent bulbs. While this may not seem to be a large problem, it all adds up! So one way to improve efficiency would be to install new LED (light-emitting diode) tubes, bulbs and fixtures. LEDs use 80% less energy and at the same time do not sacrifice any power. LED lights have a life of about 25,000 hours and emit very low radient heat. If your business still has Incandescent bulbs they will contribute to higher energy costs.

Get the Information you Need With an Energy Audit.

S&S wants to help our customers become smarter, safer energy users. As such, our team is an original, proud, registered Program Ally of the Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency program. As part of the program we offer comprehensive energy audits that will:

  • Compile information based on the energy demands required for your operation.
  • Identify areas you can reduce energy use.
  • Provide you with an easy-to-read audit based on our findings explaining the details.
  • Recommend a plan to lower your electrical costs.

Are You Ready to Start Saving Money on Energy Costs?

The electric bill will always show up, but it does not have to be as high as it is. If you are ready to start saving money on energy costs and have more budget certainty, S&S will help you reach those goals. Call us for an energy audit today. You already know and trust us as your #1 destination for sign fabrication, repair, and maintenance. Now, trust us as your energy auditor looking to save your business money! If you would like more information call (309) 316-3475 or email us at

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