Rebranding and Your Outdoor Business Sign 

For many businesses, there comes a time to give the business a fresh new look. Rebranding offers your business the chance to connect with new customers, and set yourself apart from your competitors. Part of the rebranding process, if you have a physical location, is your new outdoor business sign that presents your new brand to the public. 

S&S Signs, is a sign designer and installer serving Central Illinois. We can help you achieve the look that you want for your new outdoor business sign! 

The Benefits of Rebranding

If you are in the process of considering a re-brand, then you are probably mulling over the benefits of going through such a process. You may, or may not have considered the following advantages to rebranding your business: 

  • Represent your new business goals, values, 
  • Introduce new products and services 
  • Stay fresh and current 
  • Connect with a new customer base and keep the interest of your current customer base
  • Stand apart from competitors 
  • Done right, rebranding can grow your company 

When you have a storefront or physical location your sign is a big part of your rebranding process as it is the first impression that people have when visiting or passing by. So what sign types does S&S offer to help you stand out? 

Sign Types Available for Sign Rebranding 

S&S Signs Lighting & Electrical has a multitude of sign types, and can help you decide which would be the best to represent your new brand. Here are some of the options. You can click on each to get more information about the sign type. 

Cabinet Signs: Also known as backlit, wall, or box signs, these signs are well lit, easy to read, an will represent your new brand well. 

Channel Letter Signs: These signs consist of three-dimensional letters that can be individually lit. You can make these signs a combination of letters, numbers, and characters. 

Pole Signs: Also known as pylon signs, these are often seen on major thoroughfares and highways and can show your brand to a large audience over a larger distance. 

Neon Signs: Depending on your re-brand a neon sign may be right for you. These are brightly lit and easy to see, and provide a unique and distinctive way to represent your business or message. 

Electronic Message Boards: These are bold and dynamic signs that allow various visual elements: text, graphics, and animation. If you have a lot to say, EMB’s can rely your business message very well.

S&S Can Help You Rebrand

These are just a few of the options that may be a perfect fit for your business’s new brand. If you are considering a rebranding, or are in the process of doing so, contact the team at S&S Signs Lighting & Electrical. We would love to discuss your ideas for the best way to represent your new look and help you implement it! 

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