Questions You Need to Ask When Planning Your Landscape Lighting Design

These articles are written for people who want to make informed decisions about lighting systems or simply to improve their understanding of how to bring beauty and ambiance into their backyards or patios. This blog post will focus on people’s questions. We will be discussing the more obscure questions that customers have asked, as well as the questions we think people should be asking.

What should I do to start researching landscape lighting?

This is a question I hope everyone asks before installing outdoor lighting on their property. Research and understanding will help you a lot down the line. Landscape lighting installation companies have wonderful blogs that you can read. You will find a wealth of information on their blogs that will help you make informed decisions.

There are many companies that specialize in outdoor lighting design across the country. You’ll be able to see the difference by looking at some of their blogs.

When should I have my lights installed?

Last summer, I had the opportunity to meet with a customer who wanted to know the answer. Her landscape company had pressured her to make a decision on lighting, as she was about to install a new landscape. She was required to have the irrigation lines and wire run in the trench before she could install the sod. They argued that she would be able to complete this work while the trenches are still open and that it would be cheaper for her to do so now, rather than later when they would charge her more to install the lighting system.

It is possible to have lighting installed even after all of the landscaping is completed. A skilled technician can place a light wherever they want it. There are not many obstacles that could stop them. It shouldn’t cost more to have lights installed after all the landscaping is done.

Why would I switch to LED when my Halogen lamps are less expensive?

The cost of halogen lamps is only a third of that of an LED lamp. But that doesn’t mean they will save you money. The life expectancy of a halogen lamp is one year. If you’re fortunate, it might last a year and a half. We warranty them for one year when they are replaced for our annual services.

LED lamps, on the other side, come with a 5-year warranty and can continue to work well beyond that. Retrofitting your system with LED will pay off the cost of your halogen lamp in three years. This means that every year thereafter, you will be saving money on lamps. To top it all, LED lamps can also help you save money on your energy bills, which is something almost everyone knows.

Are you sure my lights will be bright enough?

This is a question that we don’t often get asked. People are more concerned with their lights being too bright. If brightness is what you want, we can make it happen. The beauty of LED is that we have more control over the effects we create. It basically means that we can adjust the effects to exactly where we want them. You can make the look you want as bright as possible.

We want everyone to know what they are getting when it comes time to have their lighting system designed and installed. Give our office a call if you have any questions. We are happy to answer your questions about landscape lighting.

How much maintenance will my landscape lighting need?

Regular maintenance is necessary for your landscaping and lighting. However, the design of the fixtures and the layout will determine the kind of maintenance that you need. Before you sign a design and a quote, ensure you are comfortable with the maintenance required.

You should be able to handle most of the maintenance on your own. Your contractor should discuss the different types of upkeep before you install. They should also develop a maintenance plan for your landscape if the tasks are more complex. If they are unable to handle maintenance, they should be willing to refer you to someone who is.

Can I modify the design in the future?

It is unrealistic to assume that your landscape design will not change over time. Your lighting design must be flexible. It should be able to grow with your garden, so the design should consider future changes.

While the quality of your lighting will not change, it might be that the wiring or location of fixtures may. Before you commit to a project, it is important to have a conversation with your designer. If you don’t, your landscape costs could skyrocket if you decide to expand.

What is it going to cost in the long term?

When incorporating outdoor lighting into your landscape, you don’t just need to consider the cost of installation. It is also important to consider how much you will have to pay each month to use these lights.

An average homeowner spends about $1,200 annually on electricity. The more lighting you have in your home, the more electricity you will use. You’ll notice a rise in energy costs every month if you install landscape lighting using standard incandescent lamps.

You can reduce your energy consumption by installing LED lights. However, it is best to do this during installation. You can trust your contractor to help you find high-quality outdoor-rated LED bulbs that will last many years.


A beautiful landscaping design can make a huge difference to how your yard looks at night and day. But you must find an experienced professional that you can trust.

S&S Lighting & Electrical has more than 20+ years of experience in helping homeowners create beautiful lighting designs. We believe that every home has its own uniqueness and will design a unique lighting scheme for you. We are confident that you will love your garden and will work with your budget and specific needs every time. Get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation and experience the difference.

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