Parking Lot Pole Light Maintenance

This Winter Keep Your Parking Lot Shining Bright

Never it is more important to keep your parking lot brightly lit than in the winter. Shorter, darker, days coupled with snow and ice means that conditions are more dangerous, and more difficult to navigate. This winter, stay ahead of the dark skies and winter weather with parking lot pole light maintenance services from S&S Signs Lighting & Maintenance of Peoria, IL. We can help you keep your lot shining bright for everyone who visits your location.

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An icy parking lot is a good reason to keep your pole lights brightly lit.

Safety First

The safety of your guests that visit your location, be it a store, office, or otherwise, needs to be of the utmost importance. With your well-lit parking lot, visitors can rest assured (and so can you) that they will be able to see well to move about the lot and avoid other vehicles, pedestrians, and icy patches. At S&S, with our parking lot pole light maintenance services, we will:

  • Replace bulbs as needed
  • Check functionality regularly
  • Repair any damage
  • Employ the latest energy-efficient techniques and bulbs
  • Install and maintain landscape, fluorescent, and security lighting

The Hazards of a Poorly Lit Parking Lot

There are many reasons to protect your guests, and keep your parking lot well lit. These reasons include:

  • Robbery and kidnapping risks
  • Trip and fall hazards
  • Vehicles running over potholes that you may not be aware of
  • Vehicles running into other vehicles and pedestrians
  • Automobile burglary
  • Ice and slippery patches
  • Potential lawsuits from the above hazards

If you have lights in your parking lot that are burned out, damaged, or in need of any maintenance, contact S&S today. We provide our parking lot pole light maintenance services to Peoria, IL and the entire Central, IL area. It would our privilege to serve you.

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