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Avoid Costly Repairs and Replacement With Regular Maintenance

As the owner of a business, you like many local businesses are always considering the bottom line. Looking for ways to save your business money and run more efficiently. At S&S Signs Lighting Electrical we provide sign and lighting maintenance to the areas in and around the Peoria and Bloomington areas. We understand what it means to run a local business (because we are one of them!) By utilizing a regularly scheduled lighting and sign maintenance plan for your business, you can save money and always be brightly lit! 

Why a Regularly Scheduled Lighting and Sign Maintenance Plan? 

If we could predict the future, then perhaps there would be no need for regularly scheduled maintenance. That being said, there is no predicting in our line of work. Burnt out lights around your business, inside your business, as well as damage that can occur make a regular plan a very good idea. When you have something solid in place, you will never be left in the dark! 

The Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Avoid paying for costly repairs and replacements by getting started on a regularly scheduled plan. S&S can update your outdated lighting and replace it with new energy-efficient bulbs that can save you even more money. Here is what else we can do: 

  • Replace bulbs as needed 
  • Check all areas (interior and exterior) for functionality regularly 
  • Repair any damages (to lights and your signs) 
  • Employ the latest energy efficient techniques and bulbs 
  • Install and maintain landscape, fluorescent, and security lighting 

Keep your sign functioning beautifully, as it is the face of your business. Make sure your parking lot is well lit. Make sure the interior of your business is always flooded in light.  With lighting and sign maintenance services from S&S, you will never have to worry about your lights or business sign again!

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S&S lighting technician at work

Contact S&S Today to Set Up a Maintenance Plan 

If your signs are in need of regular maintenance, get in touch with S&S today. We are the area’s premier source for lighting repair and lighting maintenance in Peoria IL, located at 4305 N. Main Street in East Peoria. Call us now at 309-740-7796 or email us at for more information. We look forward to helping your local business! 

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