Is It Time To Update Your Business Signs?

No matter how long you have been in business, thinking about the quality of your signage should be a priority. If your business has been around for a while, it might be time to update your business signs to stay relevant with the times or to stay competitive with other businesses. If you are just getting your business off the ground, it might be a good time to consult with experts about making sure you have quality signage that puts you over the top.

Reasons to Update a Business Sign

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Sometimes you will need to change a sign out of necessity, and sometimes it might be a strategic decision to gain more customers.

  • Broken or Damaged: A well maintained sign leave a better impression on your customers.
  • Inaccurate or Outdated: Has your logo changed, or have you updated your branding? A more modern design is more likely to get more positive attention.
  • Not Getting Enough Attention: If your sign isn’t attracting enough customers, it may be time to think about upgrades like a bigger or even lighted sign to catch more eyes.
  • In Need of a Change: Sometimes just needing something different is reason enough to get an update. If you think your sign design has gone stale, it might be time for a change, especially if competitors are mixing things up.

Quality is Key

Whether you need to update your business sign for practical reasons or if you just want to change things up, it’s important to consider how customers feel about business signs. In FedEx Office’s survey titled “What’s Your Sign?” consumers were asked about business signage and how it affects their buying decisions. The results will surely make you want to think more carefully about the quality of your sign.

  • Three out of four consumers have told someone about a business based on the impression of its signage
  • 67% have purchased a product or service because a sign captured their attention
  • 76% have entered a store they have never visited before based on its signs
  • 68% believe a store’s signage is reflective of the quality of its products or services
  • 52% Say they are less willing to enter a store with misspelled or poorly-made signs
  • 60% Say the absence of a sign deters them from entering a store at all

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