How Office Lighting Affects Employees

Lighting needs to do more than just light a room. When looking at lighting options for your office, you need to consider how the light will affect your workers. In fact, according to a study by the American Society Of Interior Design, 68 percent of employees complain about office lighting. Because such a large percentage of employees feel so affected by light that they need to complain, anyone who manages a business should be putting in an effort to accommodate them. There are different types of office lighting, and the type you choose can have both physical and psychological effects on employees.

Physical Effects

Dim lights can cause strain on eyes if employees are looking at a computer screen all day. If there isn’t enough light to counter the bright screens, workers are more likely to strain their eyes and develop headaches. Not enough lighting can also cause drowsiness, which can affect motivation to work, in turn affecting productivity.

On the other end of the spectrum, high-intensity lighting like fluorescent and halogen lights can also cause headaches. In fact, intense artificial lights are a major cause of migraines among office workers. 

Psychological Effects

The physical strains of artificial lighting can cause psychological effects in addition to physical ones. Headaches and eye strain can make employees anxious and unsatisfied with their work environment. This is why windows and natural lighting has proven to be a major determinant of happiness at work. Anxiety and depression levels are typically lower when workers are exposed to windows, and productivity tends to be higher when employees are in a more positive mood. 

Best Lighting For Work Spaces

While you may not be able to always control how much natural light comes into a workspace, you can control the type of lighting. Here is a quick guide on what kind of lighting is best for specific spaces in your office:

  • Warmer Tones: Create a sense of comfort. Use this kind of lighting in more intimate settings, like a break room.
  • Cooler Light: Should be used in brainstorming rooms where you want people to feel invigorated. 
  • Middle tones:  Produce a friendly and inviting environment, but also cool enough tones to keep workers alert and motivated. 

S&S Can Help With Your Office Lighting

No matter if you are working in a small office or a large warehouse, S&S is happy to help you find the perfect lighting that will work for your company. We offer energy efficient options that will not only keep your employees happy but also your wallet. Contact us today to talk about lighting installation and maintenance. 

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