How Location Impacts Outdoor Business Signs

Owning a business comes with a lot of decisions to make. Even signage requires planning and strategy. You have a stellar design that you know will draw the eye, but what comes next? What some people may not realize is that how you display outdoor business signs has a lot to do with location. Are you in a busy city environment trying to pull people in as they walk from shop to shop? Or is your setting calmer like a residential suburban area where you might not see as much foot traffic? No matter where your business opens its doors, a professional sign design and installation company like S&S can help you find the signage solution that will keep customers coming.


Urban areas are fast-paced with pedestrians, bikers, and drivers alike. Every sign in a busy city only has a few moments to make an impression. If you want to catch your customers’ attention, you’ll need signage that stands out. Not only do you want the design and colors to pop, but you’ll also want the sign to be illuminated. Since urban areas are usually bustling late into the night, a lighted sign is a must-have. Here are a few different types of lighted signs to consider:

  • Channel Letter
  • Longhorn steakhouse outdoor business sign

  • Light Box
  • A lightbox sign is an example of one way to display your outdoor business sign.

  • Neon
  • neon burgers sign

  • Externally Lit
  • externally lit shop sign

    Suburban & Rural

    pylon sign installation, one way to display outdoor business signs.

    In suburban and rural areas, most people see outdoor business signs as they drive. Since these types of areas are not as fast-paced as an urban setting, the priority for signage should be visibility from a distance. They should be big enough for people to notice from the road. You may see tall standalone sign structures in subruban and rural areas in addition to the signs that are attached to the buildings themselves. This gives variety to the visibility of the business. The standalone sign, or pylon sign, caches the eye of drivers, while the sign on the building can attract pedestrians.

    Signs in suburban areas do not necsarily need to be lighted. Lighted signs are beneficial because they stand out and work for businesses open at night. But sometimes a large sign works well enough when lighted signs are not part of the plan or budget. Just remember that rural areas are not lit as well as suburban ones, so it would be beneficial to at least install external lighting for your sign if you are going the non-lighted route out in the country.

    S&S Signs Will Help With Your Outdoor Business Sign

    Whether you are starting a new business in the city or looking to update your signs in the suburbs, S&S Signs, Lighting, and Electrical will help you find the best option that works for your location. As the go-to sign company in your community, your can rest assured that our experienced team will give you fast, detailed service. Contact us today to get started!

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