Energy Efficiency for Schools and Churches

S&S Signs Lighting & Electrical is a proud registered ally of the Ameren Energy Efficiency program.

S&S Signs, Lighting, and Electrical is a Program Ally with Ameren Illinois.

If you are part of a school or church organization, and your energy bills are through the roof, your lighting may be a big part of the problem! At S&S Signs, Lighting, and Electrical, we are a registered Program Ally of the Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency program. Through this program, you can receive help to update your school or church’s outdated lighting. S&S can help achieve energy efficiency in schools and churches throughout Central Illinois!

How Does the Energy Efficiency Program Work?

Program ally benefiting schools and churches

S&S wants to help our customers become smarter, safer energy users. Furthermore, we have been participating as a Program Ally since its inception. The program itself began in 2008 and provides cash incentives to help cover the cost of energy efficiency projects. When it comes to lighting and these projects, S&S will often come in and replace old incandescent lighting with new LED tubes, bulbs, and fixtures. This can be done in classrooms, halls, gymnasiums, sanctuaries, offices, exteriors, and more. The LEDs offer many benefits including:

  • LEDs use 80% less energy
  • LED lights and fixtures do not sacrifice power.
  • LEDs have a lifespan of 25,000 hrs versus incandescent bulbs 1,200 hrs.
  • LED bulbs and tubes are cost-saving.
  • LED lights are 100% recyclable and in addition, can significantly reduce your carbon footprint.
  • LEDs emit low radiated heat.

S&S Will Bring Energy Efficiency to Your School or Church.

At S&S, we would be happy to visit your school, educational organization, or church to assess your current lighting situation and listen to your needs. As a result, we can demonstrate what you will need to best address your specific situation and lower your electrical costs. To learn more about our participation in the Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency program, contact us at 309-740-7796 or email us at

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