Best Outdoor Signage Strategies for a Local Business

Outdoor signage is a great way to bring new customers and repeat customers to your business. You must pay attention to the person your sign is talking to and what content they are most interested in seeing. Outdoor signage strategies that communicate the best offers are those that include specials on products, or a list of products and services that your customers can find inside. In this article, we are going to go over the best outdoor sign strategies for local businesses.

Which outdoor signs generate the most customers?

When researching this article, all I was interested in was how outdoor signage can be used to attract more customers. I was curious about which type of outdoor signs get the most attention. had a lot of fun creating its research study.

The sign was simple and read “HONK if You See This Sign

The sign was simple and read “HONK if You See This Sign

They discovered that the best way to engage people was for them to hold the sign and move it around. It’s not surprising. However, small business owners don’t have the energy or time to send someone to the side of the road to make a sign. That’s not what I think you want.

These tips developed from their outdoor sign engagement experiment are far more helpful to me.

  • Make sure you have a large sign. Signs that are larger than tex will be seen more often.
  • Write a brief message. People who drive by can take time to read all of the information. Keep it brief.
  • Create a message to trigger FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).
  • To grab attention, use contrasting colors

Are You Using Outdoor Signage Strategies? Here are the reasons why you should.

Many outdoor signage options can help your business. Signage is the first type of marketing that people will encounter before they become customers. Outdoor signage strategies are a key part of content marketing if your business is local. Here are the following reasons:

  • Outdoor signs are a great way to distinguish your business from the rest.
  • Your outdoor sign will give customers a reason to visit your business.
  • Show your customers exactly the problems you solve and the services you provide.
  • Increase sales of featured services or products.
  • Create a brand that is memorable with messaging and graphics.

These outdoor-focused sign strategies can help you market your business.

Outdoor signs can be used to draw customers who come in from the street

You can target customers walking or driving along the street with outdoor signs. This strategy works best with large signs such as monument signs.

It is important to have a sign that is both large enough to be easily seen from a distance but also attractive enough to draw foot traffic. Signs that are outdoor and attract walk-in customers often only display the logo or business name. The logo and business name are left to the imagination of the customer while enticing them to visit your store to learn more.

Take a step outside of your business and look around. What do you see? What do you see? How many people are passing your business and what are their customers? Pay attention to the demographics of those who drive or walk by your business. Do they primarily consist of women or men? Which gender are they with?

Don’t be afraid of trying new things and testing your signs.

To track your signage projects, create a spreadsheet. Note the type of sign and the message you placed on it. Track the number of people who came in to ask for information. If you are bold enough you can ask them whether they saw the sign and what they remember about it.

Outdoor signs can be used to build brand loyalty

Outdoor signs communicate your brand personality to all who see them, even existing customers. People who frequent your shop will see your logo and business name more often, which in turn leads to a better impression of your company. Because it serves as a friendly reminder of the existence of your business, this helps to build trust and loyalty with customers. This purpose can be achieved by using building signs and logo signs.

Outdoor signs can be used to guide customers to your store

Signs placed outdoors can be used to help people find your store. It can be difficult to locate businesses’ entrances in strip malls or other locations where they aren’t easily visible. Your customers and potential customers can benefit greatly from outdoor signage such as directional signs.

Your business will be more easily found by people, which increases the likelihood that they will visit your store to view your products. Different signage strategies are important to help customers find their business, where they can park, and where to enter. This creates a positive atmosphere for customers’ shopping.

Outdoor signs to sell more stuff

Exterior signage has the advantage of being able to market, feature, and sell more products. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on custom signs. Use banners with bright graphics to invite people into your store.

How much to invest in your outdoor signage

How much should you spend on outdoor signage? It all depends on the lifetime value of your ideal client.

Depending on the type of outdoor sign you are looking for, signs can range in price from $150 to $50,000. Home Advisor compiles all this information and provides a handy Signage Cost Calculator. After researching this question, at S & S Signs we discovered that you should budget 1 1/2 to 2 Years of your advertising budget to purchase a new sign.

Sign companies have conducted surveys of their customers to find an 18-50% increase in business for customers who buy new outdoor signs.

A “back-of-the-envelope” calculation can be used to calculate the value of new signage. If your company makes $500,000 in annual sales and you raise it to $550,000 (a conservative 10% rise), you will make an additional $5,000 annually at a 10% profit margin. This is $416 per month, which is more than the average outdoor sign lease. Your sign will still make you money after your lease ends.

This will give you an idea of the cost to install a sign that will be attractive to customers. Outdoor signage: Where should it be placed?

Outdoor signage should be placed where customers will see it and be able to pull into your business.

  • Near the entrance of your business, above the door, in front.
  • Locate a place that directs customers to your business. They will be able to turn in either direction into your lot. It’s frustrating to miss the sign and then have to go back and turn around.
  • Your building or outdoor sign at the building’s entrance should be prominently displayed.

Last but not least, make sure your signs match. You can place a sign on your front door, and another one outside. Make sure your logo and business name are prominently displayed. Make sure your online brand is consistent with the one you have on your exterior sign.

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