S&S Signs Lighting Electrical Wins the Prestigious BBB Torch Award for Ethics

Image of S&S Signs accepting the BBB of Central Illinois Torch Award for Ethics

In the business world, where success is often measured in profit margins and market share, it’s refreshing to know some companies continue to prioritize ethics and integrity at the top of their business practices. This year, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Central Illinois recognized S&S Signs Lighting Electrical for its outstanding commitment to ethical business practices by awarding the company the esteemed BBB Torch Award for Integrity. This accolade celebrates businesses that embody the BBB’s ideals of trust, integrity, and ethical practices.

The Significance of the BBB Torch Awards

The BBB Torch Awards for Ethics, a program of BBB’s Education Foundation, honors businesses and nonprofits that demonstrate exceptional ethical practices. The awards are not just a recognition of past achievements but a testament to the ongoing commitment of these organizations to maintain high ethical standards in their operations.

The eligibility criteria for the award is stringent, ensuring that only the most deserving receive this honor. This exclusivity adds to the prestige of the award and makes it a coveted recognition in the business community.

S&S Signs Lighting Electrical’s Journey to Ethical Excellence

S&S Signs Lighting Electrical’s journey to winning the Central Illinois BBB Torch Award for Integrity is a story of steadfast commitment to ethical practices throughout their 20+ years of business operations. The award criteria centers on four key areas: Character, Culture, Customers, and Community. The S&S team excelled in all criteria, showcasing the long-term depth of its commitment to ethical business practices and the businesses throughout Peoria and the surrounding areas.

  • Character: As a veteran-owned business, it is no surprise that the leadership at S&S Signs Lighting Electrical has consistently demonstrated a commitment to high ethical standards. This includes transparency in dealings, accountability for actions, and a steadfast adherence to business ethics.
  • Culture: S&S Signs Lighting Electrical has fostered a workplace culture where ethics are ingrained in every process and decision. Employees are encouraged to uphold these standards, creating an environment of trust and integrity.
  • Customers: The company has always prioritized its relationship with customers, ensuring honesty, fairness, and respect in all its interactions. This customer-centric approach has not only garnered loyalty but also set a benchmark in the industry for ethical customer service.
  • Community Impact: Beyond its business operations, S&S Signs Lighting Electrical has made significant contributions to its community, reflecting its commitment to social responsibility. Their efforts in community service and philanthropy have made a tangible difference and can be witnessed each year through their work to support St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. 

Work With the Torch Bearer for Ethics & Integrity in Central Illinois

If you are considering signs, lighting, or electrical work for your business, choose S&S Signs Lighting Electrical, where integrity, excellence, and customer satisfaction are not just words, but the core pillars of our business operations. 

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