What Does It Mean To Be An Ameren Ally?

Ameren Allies Help Their Customer Become Smarter Energy Users

At S&S Signs, Lighting, and Electrical we are an original, proud, registered Program Ally of the Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency program. You may be wondering what that means for you, as a homeowner, or a business owner. At S&S we place a large emphasis on energy efficiency, and being part of the Energy Efficiency Program helps us deliver results to you. We have been a part of the program since its inception and would love to bring its benefits to your home or business.

An Ameren Ally For Homeowners

Through our partnership with Ameren Illinois, S&S can open the door to energy savings for you as a homeowner. We can conduct a review of your home’s energy performance by conducting an energy audit. In addition, we can assess your home’s energy features as well as consumption performance. We can identify areas in which you can save money, and increase safety. S&S professionals can help you understand how your home is using energy and what equipment is using the most energy.

S&S Signs Lighting & Electrical is a proud registered ally of the Ameren Energy Efficiency program.

An Ameren Ally For Businesses

Through our involvement in the Energy Efficiency program, we can offer energy efficiency solutions that can save your business money, reduce energy use, and increase workplace safety. We can determine if you qualify for certain incentives within the program. For example, there are incentives for certain lighting projects. Upgrading your lighting is one of the simplest ways to become more energy efficient. By switching from conventional lighting to high-efficiency lighting (such as LED’s) you can:

  • Use less energy
  • Lower operating costs
  • Reduce the need to replace lighting (LED’s can last 25x longer)
  • Create a more comfortable workplace with better lighting

Want to Get Started? Contact S&S Signs, Lighting and Electrical

At S&S we would like nothing more than to help you become a smarter, safer, energy user. Being an Ameren Ally means that we care about your home or business! If you are ready to take the next steps toward energy efficiency, then we want to hear from you. Contact us today for more information, or to set up your own energy audit. We look forward to hearing from you.

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