5 Benefits of Security Lighting

Your home is your biggest investment. Protecting it and your family should be high on your priority list. Security lighting is a good first step to making sure your home is safe from more than just intruders. Here are five benefits to installing security lights:

house at night with security lighting

1. Increase Security

This one is a given. Security lighting is a great way to keep burglars and other intruders away. The less dark shadows there are to sneak around in, the less likely your home will be targeted. An added security feature is that a well-lit home at night makes it easier for your neighbors to keep an eye on your house. 

doctor wrapping injured ankle

2.Prevent Accidents

Security lights keep your walkways out of the shadows, meaning there are less opportunities for an accident to happen. Tripping over an uncoiled garden hose or missing a step on the front stoop are completely avoidable accidents that can be prevented with additional lighting. 

image of an animal deterred by landscape lighting

3.Keep animals away

Make nighttime critters like skunks or raccoons one less thing to worry about. Motion activated lights will scare away unwanted animals from your property, protecting your plants, wires, and other belongings from damage.

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4.Increase Property Value, Decrease Insurance Premiums.

Quality security lights are an attractive feature to a homebuyer, and will likely increase the value of your home should you ever get to the point of selling it. In the meantime, your insurance premiums are likely to go down because homes with security lights are statistically less likely to be burglarized or vandalized. 

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5.More Outdoor Fun

You have likely put a lot of work into your home, and lighting can help you show off that curb appeal. Security lights will also shine extra light on outdoor entertaining spaces, giving you a safe space for backyard barbecues and bonfires.  

S&S Signs, Lighting, and Electrical can help you with both installation and maintenance of your security lighting. Contact us today and our experienced team will answer any questions you have and get started finding the best security lighting system for your home. 

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