Sign Repair in Peoria, IL


Looking for Sign Repair in Peoria, IL
or Bloomington-Normal, IL?

Look No Further!

S&S is dedicated to keeping your business looking sharp!

We provide fast, affordable quality service for all of your sign repair needs!

Why is it important for me to have my sign repaired?




How quickly can I get my sign repaired?


Depending on our volume of work, we should be able to get your sign back in working order within one week!


My sign was partially or completely destroyed by wind or other forces! What now?


No Problem! S&S technicians are dedicated to keeping your sign looking as good as ever! We can handle major repairs with skill and speed! Call Us! We will pick up the pieces and put it back together!

Sign Repair in Peoria, IL

Call S&S Lighting Maintenance Co. today

to have your sign repaired!


Phone: (309) 692-6994

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